​We pride ourselves on providing professional and reliable service to homeowners and landscapers in the Sacramento and surrounding areas. We work hard to grow a lawn that you will be proud to show off to friends and family for years to come. 

Current price is $0.55 a square foot for our bluegrass and fescue.

To provide the utmost quality, we have chosen to focus on two types of sod.

Fescue is our most popular blend. It is 90% Fescue and 10% Bluegrass blend. If you look carefully at the sod, the thicker blades are the fescue and the thinner blades are the blue. This blend is more durable and drought resistant. This makes our fescue ideal for backyards where there are dogs, children or lots of activity. Also, this fescue is not as high maintenance as our bluegrass blend, making it the natural choice for busy homeowners or those that do not quite have that green thumb.

Bluegrass is our more delicate blend. It is 85% Kentucky Blue and 15% Manhattan Rye. The blades of this blend are finer and softer. Because of the finer blades, our plush bluegrass cannot recover as quickly from heavy foot traffic or dogs. This blend has a higher risk of developing fungus, because the blades are denser, compared to our fescue. So, homeowners must be attentive to the watering schedule. Despite all these aspects, the bluegrass is popular our homeowners that love to show off a beautiful front yard and do not mind the extra effort.  

Other Products
 Sod Knives- use for cutting the rolls of sod to adjust for the borders of your area.​  
 Seed- fill in patches that the dog ruined or the spots the sprinklers missed!​
“This little business sells quality product and, based on my experience, will bend over backwards to provide the information, support and product you need
-Alice U
Sacramento, CA